1st Thursday Briefing: Transforming CSR Programs

1st Thursday Briefing: Transforming CSR Programs
Transformative Community Involvement (TM)  is about moving companies away from transactional community investment to transformative community investment.

It means engaging stakeholders, including employees and nonprofits, in collaborating to solve societal problems through a process that has proven to also benefit business.

The webcast will introduce the core concepts of the approach, critical success factors and the implications for private/nonprofit partners. Participants will learn about the importance of setting the stage for social and business impact measurement and how doing so allows evidence-based decision-making to guide program evolution. Participants will learn about the leadership attributes and critical success factors that led TCV's client SeaLand to be named finalist, then Highly Commended by Ethical Corporation in the 2017 global competition in response business - just 1.5 years into implementation.

Sabrina El-Chibini, Founder & President of The Collaboration Vector Inc. (TCV), is the originator of Transformative Community Involvement (TM), a unique and proven approach that is inspiring reflection about the way companies interact with their communities. Sabrina supports clients in transforming their community investment programs through engagement of internal and external stakeholders, alignment with the UN SDGs, and implementation of social and business impact plans and measures.

To be eligible to attend, you must be employed in a CSR function at a for-profit corporation or a corporate foundation. Your registration must include a company and business email address. All other registrations will be declined.
3/8/2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Thursday, 08 March 2018

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