1st Thursday Briefing: PIMCO & Pro Bono

1st Thursday Briefing: PIMCO & Pro Bono
Join us the first Thursday of each month for an informative webcast geared specifically for Corporate Responsibility professionals. Each month you’ll have an opportunity to hear from experts and peers who have information, ideas and tips to help you and inspire you. Trends, innovations, the latest research, how to’s and more will be on the agenda.  Reserve this hour each month. You won’t want to miss a single one!

The PIMCO Pro Bono Corps: Putting top-tier expertise to work in the community

Webcast participants will hear how PIMCO leveraged its collective talent, and amplified its investment in critical nonprofit infrastructure, to support the nonprofit sector to be more effective in creating long-term change.

PIMCO created the PIMCO Pro Bono Corps in response to a simple question: What if nonprofits had access to the same marketing, technology, and strategy resources as companies do? Running a nonprofit has never been easy, but the challenges facing executive directors today are unprecedented, and society is asking more and more of the social sector.

PIMCO wants to equip nonprofits to manage this increased complexity, and so the firm launched the Corps in May 2016 with the goal of sharing their employees’ intelligence to enhance nonprofit organizational capacity. The idea was to use the expertise at PIMCO to strengthen nonprofit partners’ structure and support the talent we already have on staff. The Pro Bono Corps is just one more powerful initiative that PIMCO has incorporated into its employee engagement strategy, which also includes financial support, partnership and collaboration efforts, hands-on volunteering, skills-based volunteering, global pro bono programs, and a Board Placement Program.

When building the Pro Bono Corps with the help of Taproot Foundation, PIMCO reached out to several grantees and close partners and ultimately invited nine organizations in Orange County, CA and eight organizations in New York, to join. Small teams of PIMCO employees were formed, then matched to each of the organizations to tackle communications/marketing, finance, HR, program, strategy, and technology needs. All of the project teams worked over 2-4 months toward an end deliverable.

Please note that ACCP webcasts are for professionals who currently hold a corporate responsibility role either at a for-profit company or a corporate foundation.
5/4/2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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