The Business ROI of Social Investments Pilot Program

The Business ROI of Social Investments: A Pilot Program will engage 15 or more companies to develop tools that enable managers to structure community investments to deliver measurable benefits for the business and society; to determine which investments will deliver strategic value; and to measure results. Participating companies will work through a process to diagnose current performance and to develop a business case for their CSR programs.

The Business ROI of Social Investments: Pilot Program

This Program will convene an exclusive group of 15-20 corporate leaders with the goal to: develop approaches for social investment to meet societal impact aspirations while delivering tangible financial value for the company.

ACCP finds that the top need expressed by corporate responsibility professionals is support to measure and demonstrate the positive impact of their programs for the business and community.

Project ROI – Defining the Financial and Competitive Value of Corporate Responsibility (CR) and Sustainability[1] finds that social investments can make vital contributions to a company’s financial and competitive success. Yet many executives still believe that their company invests too much in communities. The launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will increase the demands on companies to do more, while increasing global competition pressures companies to do less.

Most companies struggle to determine how much to budget for social investment, how to design a strategy that supports business and societal objectives, and how to make, communicate, and measure the business case. A compounding challenge is the long timeframe associated with social investment that doesn’t sync with company payback and product development cycles. Social investment uses different metrics than other business functions. A company’s social investment profile will also typically include a range of entrenched legacy programs and commitments.

ACCP and IO Sustainability (IO) are on a mission to help companies demonstrate that CSR and social investment are invaluable business essentials.

The Program will take an active learning approach, combining training and research with real time implementation that is supported by on-going coaching.

The Business ROI of Social Investments Pilot Program will deliver the following crucial outcomes to both participating companies and to the profession overall. As a participant, your company will receive:

  • The findings from a Social Investment Diagnostic Tool that will identify your company’s strengths, gaps, and opportunities.
  • A Business Case that your CSR managers can use to persuade senior executive to invest in a business-aligned, ROI-generating CSR approach.
  • A Strategy and Management Framework drawn from good practices that you can adapt and employ to fit your company’s specific circumstances.
  • Metrics that are sensible, fit with CSR’s mission, and align with the business. Metrics will be developed that give a strong indication of the ROI CSR is delivering and that are practical, manageable, and do not require extensive financial and other resources to apply.
  • A peer group network to share information.


The Pilot will be comprised of a consortium of respected industry leaders and will build on an applied research/action learning approach. As a participating company you will:

  1. Participate in two proprietary meetings that will build your knowledge and develop plans to design ROI-generating Community and Social Impact Programs
  2. Pilot a Social Investment ROI Diagnostic Tool
    1. Apply the results of the Diagnostic for planning, management, and improvement activities. (Note that the results of the Diagnostic confidential to your company). The Diagnostic process will involve:
      1. Interviewing senior executives and managers.
      2. Reviewing relevant company materials, reports, and programs
      3. Assessing data and information related to your company’s business model, strategy, performance, and wider industry performance
  3. Receive coaching and guidance from ACCP and IO to develop:
    1. A Social Investment Business Case
    2. Suggested Metrics
    3. Guidance support Strategy
  4. Receive branding on a Report of key findings and recommendations that will be widely-disseminated
  5. Attend a public launch to disseminate the findings, acknowledge the role and support of participants, and to issue a call for action for companies to embrace the approach.

The cost to participate is in the pilot program is $15,000.

The pilot program will run approximately 9 months. The deadline for application is May 1, 2017.

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1/1/2017 - 12/31/2017

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