The Business ROI of Social Investments

The Background

In 2015, IO Sustainability and Babson College (with the support of Verizon, and Campbell Soup Company), released a ground breaking report, Project ROI. The report finds that Corporate Citizenship delivers tangible, financial results for the business but only if it’s done well. This means in order to see business value, programs and initiatives must be strategic, aligned, integrated, and focused on making tangible community impact. Generating value isn’t easy, but the good news is that there are ways to help you find the right balance.

In 2016, ACCP and IO Sustainability formed a partnership to help companies assess the value of their programs. The Pilot Program, The Business of Social Investments, enlisted eight companies on a journey of self examination and assessment. Initial findings show that Social Investing can generate the same kind of value (even more in some areas). However, it takes strategy, focus, discipline, and internal support to achieve these results.

Going forward, and taking what was learned from the pilot, ACCP and IO Sustainability are expanding the program.

The Basics

Guided Diagnostic
  • Formal Assessment of Company Programs
  • Corporate Citizenship Team Interview
  • Deliverable: Program Assessment
Cost: $7,500
Active Team Time Commitment: Approximately 4 – 6 Hours
Total Time: 3 – 4 Weeks
Benchmark Diagnostic
  • Formal Assessment of Company Programs
  • Corporate Citizenship Team and Select Executive Interviews
  • Deliverable: Projection of the financial ROI potential in dollar terms; Program Assessment; High Level Recommendations for Desired Outcomes; Benchmark with Peers
Cost: $25,000
Active Team Time Commitment: Approximately 8 – 12 Hours
Total Time: 6 – 8 Months

The Pioneers

Novo Nordisk

The Next Step

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