Take Your ACCP Membership to the Next Level

Get Involved

Your ACCP membership allows you and each of your team to engage with other ACCP members is a number of ways. There is no limit to the number of groups you and your team can join.


ACCP Board of Directors
If you are interested in assuming a leadership role in ACCP, consider applying for a seat on the Board of Directors . It’s a big commitment, with big rewards. If you have an interest in learning more about the opportunity for board service at ACCP, please contact Laurie Olszewski.
Education Committee
Ensure that ACCP understands what you need to move ahead in your career. The Education Committee provides insight and feedback to ACCP’s Director of Programs and Education to assist in the development of educational offerings for the field that are relevant and timely. The committee meets both virtually and in-person. You will also be asked for your input via surveys. For more information, email Erica Bader.


Emerging Leaders
Want to grow and learn in the company of your peers? Emerging Leaders is your oasis at ACCP. Dedicated to helping professionals with less than ten years work experience, Emerging Leaders offers a variety of platforms for you to develop professionally and learn from those around you and those that are at the top of the field. To participate, contact Caitlin McDanels.

Peer Networking

Peer Networking groups are designed for people that want targeted information around a specific job function, philanthropic focus, or industry. You will have many opportunities to engage. ACCP Interacts, webcasts, meetings at The Conference, and ad-hoc, on-demand meetings throughout the year are a few of the ways you can expect to connect.

If you want to be included in outreach, please fill out completely your ACCP profile. By completing your profile and answering all the questions, you will get more targeted communications from ACCP. Additionally, as your fellow ACCP members seek people with specific expertise, your completed profile will help them find you more easily. It is a simple way to promote your personal brand and your expertise!
Our members are what makes ACCP special. Our members’ generosity of self never ceases to amaze us. No where is this generosity more on display than with peer networking. Virtual peer networking is housed in ACCP’s proprietary, members only, online network. There you can ask questions, seek opinions, get advice and more importantly, there you can pay it forward. Networthing – going into a relationship with the intention of giving more than you take away – is the corner stone of the online peer communities. You can join as many communities as you choose. Like a real conversation, once you’ve joined a community, you will receive updates to the community in real time. This allows you to have a more authentic networking (or networthing!) experience. If you want to earn your gold-star status in networthing, become a Community leader! For more information on Community Leadership, email Melinda Bostwick

To join a community, log into ACCP’s website and head to online peer networking. There you can subscribe to your heart’s content. Happy Networthing!