Delegate Information

What does a Delegate do?

In addition to serving as the voice of their company with ACCP and at the Delegate Assembly, Delegates work to shape the direction of the profession by ensuring that ACCP’s programs and services meet your needs today and tomorrow. Your Delegate’s thoughts, opinions and expertise will serve to propel the field forward.

Your Delegate will also help your company make the most of its ACCP membership by ensuring that everyone in your company who has a role in Corporate Citizenship is aware of and has access to the resources ACCP membership provides. Doing so makes your team stronger and increases your ability to have an impact both in your company and in the causes you support.

Any perks to being a Delegate?

In addition to a seat at the Delegate Assembly and The Conference, your Delegate will:

  • Be invited to quarterly briefings with ACCP CEO Carolyn Berkowitz to gain insights on the trends shaping the profession
  • Be automatically pre-registered for all ACCP webcasts and receive recordings to those they are unable to attend
  • Be among the first in line when registration opens for the Learning Labs, The Masters’ Series and the Workshops
  • Be recognized on the ACCP website as your company’s Delegate with a link to their ACCP profile
  • Receive a special welcome at The Conference

Who is the ideal Delegate?

ACCP Delegates are leaders who are passionate about the profession and being in the know.