Strategic Business Leadership

October 17-19, 2017 | July 17-19, 2018

A program to build an understanding of how your senior leaders think about and execute business strategy and how you can apply their approach

Real Time Strategic Change

Develop skills you need to create fast & lasting results

  • Understand Polarities Thinking (aka: it’s not either or, it is yes and)
  • Recognize Leadership Polarities
  • Identify Organizational Polarities
  • Delve into Real Time Strategic Change - A Change Model Built on Polarities Thinking

Facilitated by Robert (Jake) Jacobs

Sensing the Future

Examine your corporate reason for being & develop skills to understand trends

  • Identify the reason for Corporate Responsibility in your organization
  • Learn how to achieve maximum value from the “Why” questions
  • Discuss key trends impacting Corporate Responsibility and how to address them

Facilitated by Rajan Kamath

Sensing the Future: Change & Innovation

Study how industries change and transform

  • Understand types of change
  • Recognize where you are and what types of change you need to make
  • Learn how to create break through value

Facilitated by Rajan Kamath

World Showcase

In this working lunch session, you will determine your key learnings and develop your plan to implement what you’ve learned.

Facilitated by Paul Slaggert

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