Advanced Business Acumen

July 18-20, 2017

A quantitative program to help you understand numbers, metrics, and operations

*There is minimal prerequisite work you need to complete via video prior to attending the session.

Business Problem Solving

Focus on rigorous problem solving through the use of values based decisions

  • Learn how to analyze problems thoroughly to reach a viable solution
  • Engage in creative thinking to approach issues in new ways
  • Use management principles and analytical skills to solve complicated problems

Facilitated by Viva Bartkus

Economic Evaluation of Organizational Performance

Develop an understanding of the financial metrics that guide and inform corporate decisions

  • Understand and evaluate the role of Financial Statements
  • Examine and interpret financial data
  • Explore the concepts behind economic value add as a performance measure
  • Discuss the financial evaluation of nonprofits

Facilitated by John Halloran

Supply Chain Management

Provide foundational knowledge of what your supply chain looks like so you can understand how it impacts corporate responsibility

  • Understand your supply chain
  • Recognize the goals of supply chain management
  • Identify key supply chain decision points and their significance

Facilitated by Srikanth Sarathy

World Showcase

In this working lunch session, you will determine your key learnings and develop your plan to implement what you’ve learned.

Facilitated by Paul Slaggert

*Please note content is subject to change.

Travel Information

Suggested Airport:

  • The easiest airport to fly in to is Midway. It is closer to downtown and there is easy train service from the airport to just a few blocks from the hotel.
Meeting Location:
  • The program will take place at the Notre Dame Chicago Campus, 224 S. Michigan Avenue (at the corner of Michigan and Jackson). Specific floor/room: TBA


  • There will be a dinner Tuesday night. The other nights will be free.


  • Dress for the program is business casual. Please bring a light jacket or sweater as classrooms can be cold.