Justification Letter Template

Making the Case

The Forum is consistently rated the best short-term management education program in the nation for practitioners new to corporate citizenship. Our team has crafted a templated justification email to help you make the case for why attending The Forum is a strategic use of your time and investment of your company’s resources. Download and customize the email as needed. We recommend adding references to immediate and specific problems you're facing that you will be able to solve by attending The Forum, as well as long-term initiatives you'll be able to implement as a result of the learning opportunity.

Should you need further information on what will be taught at The Forum, please review our detailed schedule or contact Erica Bader, VP of Content and Learning.

Justification Letter
(Microsoft Word Document)

Preparing for The Forum

  1. One Month Before: Identify Your Sticky Situations – If you wrote a justification email, refer back to the challenges you identified. If not, think about your current challenges at work and what help you might need. List the long-term initiatives you’re hoping to implement as a result of your learnings.
  2. One Week Before: Make the Space – Draft an out-of-office memo and connect with your manager and colleagues about your absence from the office. Get clear on expectations for your availability. Remind them if you will be in another time zone. While your job doesn’t stop when you’re away, do the advance work and find ways to make space that allows you to be fully present in each session.
  3. The Week Of: Participate Fully – Bring a list of your challenges and aspirations with you to the program so they can be top of mind as you listen and learn. Attend each session and participate as fully as possible. Stick to the agreed upon out of office schedule you worked on with your team.

Proving the Impact

As with any successful training experience, your engagement with The Forum doesn’t end when you walk away with your certificate of completion. Just as important as the time in the sessions is what you—and your organization—do differently based on what you learned. Knowing where to begin can be daunting, so our team has assembled the following follow up activities to sustain the investment for you and your organization.

Start with the Basics: An Insight and Action Plan. Our team has prepared a templated After the Forum Action Plan which you can use to organize your insights and action plan. Instructors will remind you to complete pieces of the report at the end of each day of The Forum. Completing the plan prior to leaving Chicago will ensure the information is the freshest. PS: We'd love to see a copy of your completed plan, if you’re willing to share it please email a copy to Sarah Cable.

Leverage the Buzz and the Networks. After The Forum, revisit tweets tagged with the hashtag #accpforum to incorporate some of the session’s trending topics into your report. Revisit the stack of business cards you collected and include a section highlighting the professional contacts you made, as well as a key action you plan to take to keep the conversation going for each person.

Check Back In. Have you changed an aspect of your work because of something you learned at The Forum? Set a reminder to send a thank you email to the person or people who inspired the change. Identify a date that’s far enough out—e.g. one month, six months—that allows you to authentically speak about the impact of the change.

Drive Your Own Inspiration Cycle. Create a calendar appointment or set a reminder for November 1, 2020 with a list of your top action items or key takeaways from The Forum. Take some time to intentionally reflect on your progress towards your goals. Refine them as needed and identify new opportunities for action. Follow up with members of your cohort to see what progress they’ve made towards their goals. Schedule another reminder for November 1, 2021.


"I enjoyed the sessions and overall atmosphere of ACCP’s Forum.  The content was practical and applicable to my experiences in the corporate contributions profession. I learned new material while having existing practices reaffirmed. The social aspect provided a good opportunity for professional growth, which was an added benefit and I now have a group of folks I know I can turn to with questions and insight.”

Maggie Casey, Hasbro

"ACCP’s Forum gave me the chance to network with colleagues while learning valuable CSR tactics and strategies. I walked away with new knowledge to speedily implement what I learned. Knowing that I will most definitely use what I learned is one of the highlights. Overall my time at the Forum was very positive and enriching.”

Andrea Costanzo, PayPal

"I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend. The subject matter, the facilitators, and my colleagues provided an exceptional atmosphere for learning and growth and establishing career long relationships. Furthermore, the content was insightful and informative, and I appreciated the authenticity of the facilitators.”

Glenn Davis, Mass Mutual Financial Group

“Attending an ACCP event is a tremendous experience for corporate contributors at all levels.  It is an eye-opener for attendees who are new to the corporate contributions arena, and a nice way to stay active and informed for the more seasoned professionals.  Everything learned at the conferences adds value one way or another to helping companies achieve their greatest potential in being socially responsible.”

Amy Dupuis, Sanofi, US  

“The Forum provided not only a wealth of information that I hope to utilize in my position, but also wonderful contacts (both in ACCP and other companies) that I hope to build long-term relationships with.  As I team of one, it was a take away from the forum that I did not expect, but now knowing I can reach out to some of those individuals to ask questions or bounce ideas off is phenomenal.”

Katie Fletcher, Norfolk Southern Foundation

“The forum was a great experience and welcomed opportunity to learn about all facets of corporate philanthropy with my fellow peers in a focused setting. The venue, specially arranged networking opportunities, knowledgeable presenters and real life case study were the highlights for me.”

Stephanie Lomibao, Bank of America