About the Field

There are many names for the field.  Corporate philanthropy, corporate giving, corporate contributions, corporate social responsibility, corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship to name a few. For simplicity, you will see it referred to here as Corporate Citizenship. Whatever you may call it, the profession has evolved significantly in the last ten years and is now an integral function within the corporate structure.

As a corporate citizenship professional, you develop programs that can shape the public image of your company and influence corporate culture within your company. For that reason, the impact this profession has on both your company and society can be profound.

Corporate citizenship professionals must strategically align the goals of the organization with their efforts. This requires a broad understanding of the business goals and objectives in addition to the knowledge required to wisely invest your company’s charitable resources.

Your ability to connect resources and cultivate relationships both internally and externally is critical to your success as a corporate citizenship professional. As the champion for societal good within your organization, the influence you hold is a great responsibility.

ACCP is here to support you in your mission.