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While experience level, industry, or location may differ, all corporate citizenship professionals share a similar goal: to better serve your company and maximize the value of your corporations’ philanthropic efforts. ACCP provides the tools and knowledge necessary to maximize your impact on society and demonstrate value back to your company. With ACCP, you will find answers to your questions through virtual resources, a peer network, ACCP: The Conference and professional development offerings.

Conrad Person, Former Executive Director, Corporate Contributions, of ACCP member Johnson & Johnson, shared, “If someone asked me why they should join ACCP, I would tell them that it has to do with whether you want to be a better steward of your company’s corporate giving.”

ACCP is your connection to:

  • Your peers;
  • Best practices;
  • World-class professional development and education; and
  • Unparalleled online, on demand resources.

Make the connection to the organization that is dedicated to creating better corporate contributions professionals. When you’re a member of ACCP, you, and your company, are not alone in navigating a constantly evolving field. Want to learn more about what ACCP can do for your career? Contact Maryann Fiala today.